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Welcome to Kamps and Hubs: Your Gateway to Ed-udventure and Learning with Voky Be!

Embark on an enriching journey with us as we redefine education through immersive experiences in Malagasy Kamps and Hubs. Whether you’re seeking short bursts of excitement or comprehensive educational immersion, our programs cater to all ages and interests.


Kamps offer exhilarating adventures tailored to specific age groups, where exploration of flora, fauna, science, language, and life skills intertwines with activities like arts, crafts, music, and sports. With durations ranging from a single day to two weeks, Kamps are designed to infuse learning with pure, unadulterated FUN.


Meanwhile, our Hubs serve as vibrant hubs of community and world schooling. Here, meticulously curated curricula and agendas ensure that learning outcomes are met, while providing ample opportunities for family engagement, impact, and community building. Joyfully structured days blend seamlessly with moments of leisure, as we provide lodging and a selection of meals each week. Hubs span from 14 days to a month, with options to extend your journey beyond our region with our Tour Operator Voky Be.

Both are offered in English and or French, with Malagasy language lessons and immersion options.

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Kintana Kamp Dates: February 28 & 29 March 6 & 7

Upcoming Hubs:
April-May 2024 and Nov-Dec 2024

family fun at Ankoba Beach Taolagnaro
family fun at Ankoba Beach Taolagnaro

*Why Kamp? There is no “c” in the Malagasy language. Kintana means star.