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Voky Be is your connection to the local Culture, Environment, Adventure & Remote Work Hub in Madagascar 

About Us

Yves and Alison met in Fort Dauphin in 1998. Alison is from Boulder, Colorado and Yves grew up on the same property where we host guests today. After spending nearly 20 years outside of Madagascar we moved our family back to the area in mid-2018.

As a family, we love to travel. Yves has been to over 50 countries and is a retired French Special Forces Soldier. Alison is a career and human potential coach. Our family speaks English, French, and Malagasy and loves to share our love of Madagascar with visitors.

Your Guides & Host

Yves serves as the primary organizer and professional guide for all tours. Nowhere else do you get a guide that speaks your language, knows the culture and provides built-in security! Touring with Yves means adventuring in freedom with your own security, coach and local cultural attaché.  Alison is available to assist with logistics and will be the local contact in Fort Dauphin during your visit. Yves will keep you entertained with tales of adventure and good food.

Kids, Dogs, and Family

We live in the heart of Fort Dauphin on a large swath of property just above the Banque Société Générale and a short walk to the local medical clinic. We’ve got four friendly (big) dogs who serve as guard dogs. They are kid-friendly and know when someone arrives uninvited.

Depending on when you visit we will have two to four of our kids with us…the youngest two are always here…the older two visit over vacations. We also have extended family and friends that like to visit.