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Based in Taolagnaro, Voky Be is thrilled to share with you the beauty and wonders, the hidden gems in Madagascar – from Efoloza beach (near Lokaro) to tiny iridescent frogs and delicious meals – tours with us are epic memories in the making!

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Voky Be Tours is based out of Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin), Madagascar, a beautiful city in the south of the country known for it’s beaches and close access to nature. While small, Taolagnaro is a bustling little city with lots of activity and growth. We are an ethically operated formal Tour Operator committed to sustainable tourism and local economic growth.

Adventure Tours

Experience the thrill of exploring the rugged terrain of southern Madagascar on one of our adventure tours. From surfing and stand-up paddleboarding along the stunning coastline to kayaking down winding rivers and traversing off-road trails on quads, 4x4s, and motorbikes, we offer a range of adrenaline-fueled activities to get your heart racing. For the ultimate challenge, try your hand at rock climbing, towering formations, and conquering nature’s obstacles.

Meet the Lemurs

Discover the incredible wildlife of southern Madagascar on one of our Meet the Lemurs tours. Trek through lush forests or take a short boat trip to observe these fascinating primates in their natural habitat and visit local villages along the way to learn about the unique culture and traditions of the Malagasy people.

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Malagasy people with our range of cultural experiences. Here are just a few examples of the authentic and culturally sensitive experiences we offer:

Cooking Class with Yves

Learn how to prepare traditional Malagasy dishes in a private class with, Yves, our founder and the owner of Cafe Bar Colorado the best little watering-hole in Fort Dauphin! With Yves charisma and flare for delicious food, you’ll savor not only a meal using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, but also gain an appreciation for the history and significance of Malagasy cuisine and culture.

Local n Markets or Workshops

Taste the flavors of Madagascar with a tour of the local markets accompanied by Alison. Check out the variety of local greens (traka) and meat (!), and see the local in season fruits and vegetables like jackfruit and manioc. Depending on your time and visit we may also take a tour of a weaving workshop or find a furniture maker. We take pride in offering culturally sensitive experiences that allow you to engage with the local community in an authentic and respectful way. Tell us what piques your interest and we’ll see what we can do!

Swimming and Snorkeling

Explore the vibrant coral reefs and underwater landscapes of the Indian Ocean on one of our snorkeling trips. With crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life, and various dive sites, southern Madagascar offers some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling opportunities. Scuba trips may also be an option for experienced adventurers!

Surfing and Kitesurfing

Experience the thrill of riding the waves on one of our surfing or kitesurfing trips. With consistent swells and ideal wind conditions, southern Madagascar offers excellent conditions for both beginner and experienced surfers and kitesurfers.

Hiking, Walking, and Camping

Explore the stunning landscapes of southern Madagascar on one of our hiking, walking, and camping tours. From scenic coastal trails to challenging mountain treks, we offer a range of experiences that allow you to discover the region’s natural beauty at your own pace.

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About Us: At Voky Be, we’re passionate about introducing travelers to the unique culture, wildlife, and landscapes of Madagascar. Our experience relies on deep roots in the local community, and we’re committed to sustainable and responsible travel practices that benefit both travelers and the environment. Learn more about our team, our values, and our approach to custom-curated travel on our About Us page.

Featured Destinations: Madagascar is home to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, from the lush rainforests of Andasibe to the otherworldly spires of Tsingy de Bemaraha. Check out our Blog for Destination Guides and our Tips page; you’ll find a curated selection of some of the top places to visit in Madagascar, along with stunning photos and descriptions of each destination. Start dreaming about your ideal trip to Madagascar, and let us help you make it a reality.

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