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Explore & Experience Madagascar

Voky Be is your connection to the local Culture, Environment, Adventure & Remote Work Hub in Madagascar 

Your gateway to Madagascar! 

Voky Be (voo-key-bay) is a different kind of tour operator.

Situated in Taolagnaro District in the South of Madagascar.

Fly into Fort Dauphin, and we will take care of everything —

From the airport pick-up to your pillow.

Custom adventures with Malagasy ambiance.

Private Tour-Guides.

We’ve got a problem-free philosophy. 

Luxury hotels, Glamping & Anosy Bungalows with all the amenities.


Beach Vacation or Malagasy Adventure. Both?

Remote Work Hub or a place to disconnect and plug-back-in-to-yourself. 

We offer day trips and longer trips.

Lodging in Fort Dauphin and the surrounding areas.

Beach camping in Lokaro, visits to lemur reserves and Malagasy cooking lessons.

Running away from something? Rent a quad and escape. 

Our passion is culturally competent and totally different tours. 

This is not your parents’ vacation nor is it a beach party. Although we are pretty damn good at having fun. 

To truly enjoy a country one must step outside the comfort zone.

Voky Be can help you become completely immersed in the culture of Madagascar.

I highly suggest any/all of the adventures they have to offer!

It’s a beautiful country, full of beautiful people with many things to do.

Book with Voky Be for the experience, safety.

And, the all-around best people to spend your holiday with!

~ Lauren & Chris