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Custom Curated Trip Design

Local & Expert Knowledge for Real Adventure

By a trilingual local trip designer

Hire Voky Be to plan and book a trip you won’t forget.

Custom-curated to meet your needs, all-inclusive options are available. 

Situated in Taolagnaro District in the South of Madagascar.

Malagasy Adventure | Remote Work Hub.

A place to disconnect and plug back into yourself.

Fort Dauphin is perfect for trips of one week to longer.

Work holidays, Adventure Vacations, and Surf.

Our passion is cultural competency, new perspectives, good food, nature, and of course, fun.

To truly enjoy a country one must step outside the comfort zone.

Voky Be can help you become completely immersed in the culture of Madagascar.

I highly suggest any/all of the adventures they have to offer!

It’s a beautiful country, full of beautiful people with many things to do.

Book with Voky Be for the experience, safety.

And, the all-around best people to spend your holiday with!

~ Lauren & Chris