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Based in Taolagnaro, Voky Be is thrilled to share with you the beauty and wonders, the hidden gems in the south of Madagascar – from Efoloza beach (near Lokaro) to tiny iridescent frogs and delicious meals – tours with us are epic memories in the making!

Custom Curated Adventure Tours in the South of Madagascar

Voky Be Tours specializes in curating unique, unforgettable adventure tours for families, individuals, and businesses seeking extraordinary experiences in the south of Madagascar. Our tours are guided by a retired Special Forces Soldier with expertise in Close Protection of VIPs, including generals and world leaders.

Fun fact: Kofi Annan once asked him for his Oakleys!

Why Choose Voky Be Tours?

  • Tailored Experiences: We custom curate adventures to suit your preferences and interests, we know all the best places from Tôlagnaro to Tôliara or up the east coast to Manakara.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the south of Madagascar and who speaks English, French and all Malagasy dialects with fluency.
  • Exclusive Access: Our tours grant access to exclusive locations, including our private NATO Campsite and beach in Lokaro, enriched by generations of family heritage.
  • Premium Equipment: Enjoy a range of equipment, from SUPs and surfboards to quads, maintained to the highest standards for your convenience.

How to Book

To book your adventure with Voky Be Tours, please complete our trip planner on our website.

Due to high demand, we recommend booking at least several months in advance and securing your spot with a deposit.

Trip Options

  • Adventure Tours: Embark on active adventures, such as surfing, SUPs, canoes, kayaking, off-road quad biking, camping, hiking, and more.
  • Meet the Lemurs: Encounter Madagascar’s wildlife, including lemurs, on immersive tours such as Nahampoana and/or Berenty Reserve — both guarantee lemurs up close and personal.
  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in Malagasy culture with Yves’ guidance in an authentic and respectful manner. Yves speaks all the local dialects and will introduce you to everyone you meet along your journey, ensuring that your adventure is culturally competent, eco-conscious, and respectful.

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About Us: At Voky Be, we’re passionate about introducing travelers to the unique culture, wildlife, and landscapes of Madagascar. Our experience relies on deep roots in the local community, and we’re committed to sustainable and responsible travel practices that benefit both travelers and the environment. Learn more about our team, our values, and our approach to custom-curated travel on our About Us page.

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Our Trip Planner form makes it easy to get started. Simply select your desired activities, dates, and budget, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will create a customized itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and showcases the best of what Madagascar has to offer. Start planning your trip today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the unique beauty and culture of Madagascar. Book your custom-curated trip today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a wildlife safari, a cultural immersion, or an outdoor adventure, we have the expertise and experience to create the perfect itinerary for you.

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