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Custom Curated Trip Design

To truly enjoy a country one must step outside the comfort zone. Voky Be can help you become completely immersed in the culture of Madagascar. I highly suggest any/all of the adventures they have to offer! It’s a beautiful country, full of beautiful people with many things to do. Book with Voky Be for the experience, safety, and all-around best people to spend your holiday with!

Lauren and Shawn

Air Steward & Engineer, Custom Quad & Surf Adventure

Day Trips around Fort Dauphin

For our guests, we can organize self-guided or accompanied tours to Nahampoana, Domaine de la Cascade, or Evatra and Lokaro. Hiking Pic St. Louis requires a guide. 

Lemurs, hiking, or beaches. These locations also have options for overnight stays.

English speaking Guide: 60,000 Ar/day

Yves or Alison as your guide: 150,000 Ar/day


Multi-night Adventures

Many guests like to adventure outside of Fort Dauphin. We can organize tours to the south to visit the surf beaches in Lavanona or the Berenty Reserve where you can experience lemurs and the spiny desert up close. These trips will include a 4×4 rental, lodging, a guide, activities, and food. 

Reserve at least 30-days in advance.

Plan to spend a minimum of $100 USD per person per day. 


We can organize a guided camping trip to our land in Andraka or Lokaro or we can rent you the camping gear. 

Andriambe Surf Camping

Quad Tours & Bike Adventures

Hungry for an off-road adventure? Rent a few quads or a bike (experience required). We’ll camp, ride the waves, maybe go fishing, hike, and enjoy the beauty of sleeping under the stars. 

Available from November through March.

All-inclusive trips start at $100 USD per person/per day.

We spent an excellent time in Fort Dauphin! We count ourselves especially lucky to have also spent two nights camping at the Presqu’ile de Lokaro with Yves, who took great care as our guide. The area is almost virgin — undisturbed nature!

Nicole & Family

Teachers, Ile de la Reunion

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50% deposit at booking

Book your stay in our Tree House, Bungalow, or one of our apartments and we will curate an unforgettable adventure off the beaten path.